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Blue Pyrenees

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Blue Pyrenees Estate was established in 1963 by the French company Rémy Martin, who were famous for making Cognac brandy. The brandy was distributed through Australia by another company, and when World War II broke out, the Australian distributors realised they’d have trouble keeping up supplies and made a huge bulk order to see them through. At the end of the war, they sent Rémy Martin a cheque for five years worth of sales, which couldn’t have come at a more important time.

Being a Cognac company, Rémy Martin was set up to make brandy under the ‘Château Rémy’ banner. The first vines they planted were ugni blanc, but John Robb – the winery’s first manager – began tinkering with famous French varietals like shiraz in a process of trial and error. The rest, as they say, is history. And a fascinating one at that.

Château Rémy was renamed Blue Pyrenees Estate in 1982 and was purchased by the long standing central Victorian family the Richmond-Smith’s in 2019. They have continued to evolve the winery and the vineyards over the years and are proud to make authentic, world-class wines that do the Pyrenees region justice.


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