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Ca Lojera

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Ca’ Lojera takes its name from legend, or perhaps myth. In dialect, it means ‘house of the wolves’, a reference to the purported practice of smugglers using wolves to protect their contraband as they holed up in houses around Lake Garda, such as in Ambra and Franco Tiraboschi’s 14th century palazzo, the centrepiece of their Lugana estate.

Today, although the wolves are now merely symbolic, the Tiraboschis have maintained a keen eye for tradition, with the driving force of their enterprise,  the great white DOC that straddles Lombardia and the Veneto, Lugana. And while tradition is important, there is also a sensible use of technology, with, for example, temperatures controlled during fermentation to maximise purity of expression.

Although the DOC laws allow for 10% of other varieties in Lugana bottlings, Ca’ Lojera exclusively use the local grape known as Turbiana, which is probably best known as Trebbiano di Lugana. This Trebbiano was historically thought to be exclusive to the shores of Lake Garda, but is in fact neither exclusive, nor is it Trebbiano. In 2008, DNA sampling confirmed a well-supported theory that it is in fact Verdicchio, the great grape of Le Marche.

Whatever its history, the variety excels in these conditions, conveying the character of the mineral-rich, blond clay soils and the climatically moderating influence of Lake Garda. Indeed, countless generations of adaption,  mean that while Turbiana may be genetically Verdicchio, it is a distinctly local beast, and one of the finest white grapes in Italy.


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