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Champagne Jacquart

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The house of Jacquart was established in 1964 as a Chardonnay-growers co-operative. Today, it is the largest grower-producer in Champagne, with 100% of the fruit grown by the owners. Closely linked to the terroir, the wines represent a fascinating bridge between the smaller family estates and the larger Champagne houses – the Grands Marques. All cuvées are Chardonnay dominant. This in turn requires longer ageing (3.5 years) than the Pinot Noir -based marques (18 months), and as a result Jacquart has a very refined mousse. The Chardonnay also contributes to a dry aperitif style, refreshing wine. What’s in a name? The Cellar at the Jacquart Maison is adorned with a map of the 1,400 vineyards contributing to Champagne Jacquart. These are colour coded by variety, sub district, cru and soil type, all of which create a ‘mosaic’ that is brought to life in the Brut Mosaique.


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