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Cotes du Rhone

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Cotes du Rhone is a large appellation, or AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlee) in the South Rhone, near Avignon in France.  The Cotes du Rhone also produces more than half of the wine that is made in the Southern Rhone.  Most of these wines are medium bodied, fruity and simple red wines although rose and white wines are also made in this area. There is a hierarchy of appellations in the Cotes du Rhone and there are three tiers to consider.  The Cotes du Rhone AOC wines are the entry point for a very drinkable and fruity wine that isn’t expensive. The next level up is the Cotes Du Rhone Villages, these wines that must be made from Grenache, Syrah (Shiraz) and Mourvedre,  from the named, individual villages along with other specific winemaking requirements. These are more structured wines, apart from the cru wines which are the highest classification in the Cotes du Rhone.


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