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Our grand selection of fine quality Australian and International-best Rosé Wines have been thoroughly ‘tried and tasted’ by our team of Wine Industry Experts. We work closely with different winemakers and wine importers to assure that all of our customers can have an incredible and truly authentic online wine selection that’s 100% based on the quality, pedigree, consistency and provenance of each and every single bottle - from one vintage to the next.


Good Rosé Wine | How It’s Made

Wines actually receive their color not from the juice but from the juice’s contact with the skin of the grapes. As the skins and juice soak together the color from the skin bleeds into the juice, giving the wine its yellow or red color.

Winemakers create sweet rosé wines by juicing red grapes and then allowing the juice to soak with the skins for a very short period, usually only two to three days. As soon as the juice begins to take on the beautiful pink color the winemaker desires, the skins are removed and the juice is allowed to ferment, creating the truly delectable and ‘eye-candy’ masterpiece - Rosé Wine.

Best Rosé Wines| Shop By Price Range

Cheap Rosé Wine Price: $100.00 - $130.00 (per case of six)

De Bortoli Rosé Rosé 2018 at $102.00

Region: King Valley

Variety: Sangiovese

Style/Palate: Dry Rosé Wine; medium-bodied, bright and textural.

Dominique Portet Fontaine Rosé 2017 at $126.00

Region: Coldstream, Australia

Variety: 60% Shiraz, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot

Style/Palate: Crisp and dry.

Rambling Rose 2018 Rosé at $129.00

Region: South Australia, Australia

Variety: Grenache & Shiraz

Style/palette: Medium bodied.


Rosé Wine Price: $131.00 - $160.00 (per case of six)

De Bortoli La Bohème Rosé 2017 at $132.00

Region: Yarra Valley

Variety: Pinot Noir

Style/Palate: Dry, medium bodied, bright and textural.

Dandelion Vineyards Fairytale of the Barossa Grenache Rosé 2017 at $138.00

Region: Barossa, Australia

Variety: 100% Grenache

Style/Palate: medium bodied, oaked.

Head Wines Rosé 2018 at $138.00

Region: Barossa Valley

Variety: Grenache and Viognier

Style/Palate: Dry Rosé Wine.

Spinifex Rosé 2018 at $138.00

Region: Barossa Valley

Variety: Grenache (40%), Cinsault (19%), Shiraz (19%), Mataro (16%) and Ugni Blanc (6%)

Style/Palate: Dry Rosé Wine (Fuller bodied).

Longview Vineyard Nebbiolo Rosato 2018 at $144.00

Region: Adelaide Hills

Variety: Nebbiolo

Style/Palate: Medium bodied, unoaked.

Chateau Riotor Côtes de Provence Rosé 2017 at $150.00

Region: Provence, France

Variety: Cinsault (50%), Grenache (40%) and Syrah (7%) and Vermentino (3%)

Style/Palate: Medium bodied.


French Rosé Wine Price: $161.00 & Higher (per case of six)

Louis Bouillot Perle d'Aurore Crémant Rosé at $168.00

Daily Drop’s Highlights: 

  • Incredibly well-crafted 'Crémant Rosé, made using 'Methode Traditionelle' techniques.
  • Superb Sparkling Rosé - complex, lively and fresh.
  • Beautiful and luxurious - all 6 bottles come with a gift box!

Chateau de L'Aumerade Marie Christine Rosé 2016 at $192.00

Daily Drop’s Highlights: 


  • This is a superb Rosé Wine from a 400 year old Estate Winery.
  • Marie Christine is classified as 'Cru Classe' in Provence - the highest classification for Rosé.
  • Fresh, vibrant and Dry Rosé Wine.

Dominique Portet Rosé 2018 Magnum 1.5litre - one bottle at $60.00

Daily Drop’s Highlights: 

  • Perfectly dry and Provençal in style - Top Australian Rosé.
  • Gentle, creamy mouthfeel and fine natural acidity.
  • Comes with a white gift box - the best Rosé wine gift!

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