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The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers!

Welcome to Daily Drop Australia, your most trustworthy ‘Quality Wine’ store online! We offer hassle-free and highly reliable online wine delivery all across Australia. You may choose from our rich and exquisite collection of Red Wine Gifts, White Wines, Sparkling Wines, Champagne and Rosé. We also offer online orders for Craft Beers, Cider, Sparkling Water and Special Wine Gift Sets.

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Hello there, Romantic.

Wines of all colours, specialties and varietals are one of the classiest and simplest ways to give out exceptional gifts and fine impressions. Whether for family, friends, work colleagues or a special someone - we are pretty sure that opting for wine gifts will always be greatly appreciated.

That being said, it is also important to note that not all people have the exact same taste when it comes to wine - so choose your wine gift ideas wisely. Here are some short ‘Best Wine Gifting Pointers’ to consider before selecting the right one for the occasion.

Research Ahead

This is already pretty obvious but... Make sure the person that you are buying for, drinks. You don’t want to look foolish and end up offending the person that you’re giving the gift to - correct?

Even if they don’t normally drink wine, you should still be able to find one that they will surely like. For example, if it’s a gift for a woman in her early 20s to 30s - Sparklers and Champagnes will surely do the trick.

On the other hand, if it’s going to be for ‘The Boss’or a High-ranking Executive - trust us - they will know the wine by heart. Better keep your gift fancy and boxed! And while you’re at it… Try reading a few notes about the wine too, it can be a source of one great conversation in the making!

Dinner Invites or Parties

If you intend to have your wine gift be served at the party, it is only polite to tell the host in advance. You never know if they already have everything bought and prepared for it - or have a wine that can totally ruin the taste palettes of the guests, simply because you didn’t ask ahead and the gifted wine ended up not being in-sync with any of the served dishes.

Extra Tip: If the wine you chose is White or Sparkling Wine, make sure that it gets chilled on beforehand.

Presentation Matters

Let’s be honest, giving wines as gifts on their bare ‘unwrapped’ self is a big no-no for everybody. Can you even imagine going up to a party and just handing out your wine to the host, as is? Que Horror! If you’re gonna go all out with impressions - you better commit until the end.

You can opt for a simple fancy-looking ribbon or bow in red (or gold), wine gift bags, wine gift baskets, or the most extravagant kind of wine gifting - wine gift boxes!

Lucky for you, we already got that one covered. You may browse ourSpecial Wine Gift Selection here, or if you wish to browse by price range - we have the best wine delivery gifts for $30.00 to $50.00,$50.00 to $80.00, and ‘The Fanciest Wine Gift Sets’(Priced at $80.00 to $474.00) right here. Cheers!