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Riesling can vary in style, from the dry and crisp through to sweet, honey-like dessert wines. Always intensely fruity and aromatic, this variety has found a home in a number of wine producing countries around the world. Not least, it produces some of Australia’s greatest wines

Riesling’s homeland is Germany, with the Rhine and Mosel Valleys the most important. It is also found in Alsace, France where the style is more similar to that found in Australia.

Riesling’s most noticeable characteristic is its naturally high acid which gives each wine a crispness and clarity of flavour. Alcohol levels tend to be low to moderate.

Riesling has a remarkable ability to communicate terroir, with distinctive regional characteristics identifiable in the glass.

Winemakers must take care to preserve and retain the natural fresh varietal characters of the fruit, as it is these that define the wine upon release. So maintaining primary fruit character and freshness during vinification is critically important.

Dry riesling ranges in colour from pale straw to light yellow. With age, these wines take on deeper tones.

Young dry rieslings typically exude fresh lemon and lime characters with fragrant floral notes of jasmine, honeysuckle and fresh citrus.

With age these wines develop notes of toast, honey and brioche.

Riesling wines age and evolve superbly due to their exceptional acid/fruit balance.

You can enjoy Australian rieslings, fresh and young or aged and mature.

Here are the different styles

Fresh & Young drink now styles

The rieslings produced in Australia are perfect for immediate enjoyment. These wines are bottled soon after vintage and rushed to the market.

The wines show the appealing aromas of fresh, springtime and summer flowers, jasmine and lavender with a lime-fresh citrus twist. They are usually bone dry with refreshing, perky acid and the name of the game is freshness. What can be more enlivening than the bright, lifted aromas and tastes of a four month old Aussie riesling, framed by its own zesty acid?

Most current release rieslings are now bottled under screwcap to ensure they retain their natural fruit freshness and deliver the wine to your glass as the winemaker intended.

Aged and Mature styles

While delicious in youth, these wines will also age in the bottle, sometimes for many years, even decades!

Mature Australian rieslings will have shown all of the attractive vibrant aromatics in their youth, but also have enough structural backbone and complexity of flavour to support extended bottle aging.

These wines get better as they evolve and take on a more intense colour. The bouquet becomes significantly more complex with distinctive lime characters and a toastiness, reminiscent of oak maturation. This toastiness develops even though the wines are not fermented or matured in oak.






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