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We are online wine merchants. We are proud to bring you wines that we believe in, that our customers enjoy and are always offered at a competitive price. Our wine range is a blend of hidden gems, old favourites, and new stars. Everything has been tasted and hand selected, to make it easy to find the right drop.

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A good wine is a wine that you enjoy every time you drink it. It is a personal thing and we listen to our customers when they tell us what they like. A good wine should also be consistent in terms of quality, taste, and value for the price, year after year. The Daily Drop wine selection captures the wines we believe in and the wines our customers truly enjoy.

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Wine Education
Wine Education – Cooling influences from the ocean

Did you know that cold ocean currents can have a cooling effect on coastal wine regions? Why is this good? ‘Cooling influences’ such as ocean currents and ocean breezes help the vines to retain the acidity in their grapes, which adds to the ‘structure’ and ‘finish’ in the final wine. Next time you are in […]

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World Malbec Day

It is World Malbec Day! Malbec is Argentina’s flagship wine and it is known for being deep in colour, rich in juicy black fruit aromas and flavours. Malbec is also loved for having smooth, soft tannins. Most of Argentina’s vineyards grow at high altitudes, more than 600 metres above sea level, close to the Andes […]

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The Barossa
Feature Wine Region – The Barossa

The Barossa Zone includes the world renown Barossa Valley wine region and the stunning Eden Valley Wine Region. The Barossa Valley region is one Australia’s leading regions for fine wine production, especially  Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. It is located one hour’s drive, north of Adelaide, in South Australia. The climate is warm and dry, […]

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wine tasting tips tannins in wine
Wine Tasting Tips – Tannins

What are ‘tannins’ in wine? Tannins come from the skins and the seeds of grapes. They can also come from oak barrels during ageing. They support the balance and age- ability of a wine and are part of what keeps a wine ‘together’ over the years. Tannins are can be astringent and make your mouth […]

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Sunlight and vineyards
Wine Education – Sunlight & Vineyards

How important is sunlight to a vineyard? Without light, plants are unable to photosynthesize and they die,  but beyond this, sunlight is one of the most important factors in growing grapes that have the right amount of glucose and fruit flavours. More sunlight = more flavour. It is also important to balance the right levels […]

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The Margaret River Wine Region
Feature Wine Region – The Margaret River

The Margaret River wine region produces outstanding Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as Bordeaux style red blends made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Located 200 kilometres south of Perth, along a spectacular coastline, the Margaret River has a warm maritime climate. This produces grapes with beautifully concentrated fruit aromas and flavours, while still […]

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It is National Shiraz day today! There has never been a better time to enjoy a glass of full-bodied Australian Shiraz at home on a cold night. Check out our range – link in bio.
Australian Styles of Shiraz

1) Everyday shiraz

These juicy wines are fresh, generous, rich and spicy. These wines are designed for early drinking and have a noticeable vibrancy of fruit, freshness and vivacity. The use of blending older vine components and the judicious use of oak however gives them a rich and powerful core, that can take the unsuspecting drinker by surprise.

2) Cooler-climate shiraz

Elegant, spicy and vibrant expressions of their origins - proof that shiraz can adapt growing almost anywhere. Tasting cool-climate shiraz wines, you will notice a lighter palate weight, more structured tannins, higher natural acidity and distinctive spicy, peppery tones. These characters complement their ripe berry, plum and anise aromas and flavours. Cooler-climate shiraz wines show great elegance and silkiness. Grape yields in cooler climates have to be lower, and as a result, overall production costs are higher than those associated with everyday wines. But if you want something out of the ordinary and distinctively individual, cool climate shiraz wines are hard to beat!

3) Warmer-climate shiraz

The powerhouses of the Australian wine industry - they present rich, full and ripe wines with a depth and complexity to match. Tasting warm climate shiraz - you will notice a much heavier palate, densely packed with complex primary and developed fruit characters. American oak adds to the soft nature of these wines. Tannic in their youth, they develop a round, silky supple texture and wonderous camphor, earth and chocolate nuances with age. And age they will, the fruit is so powerful and intense, these wines will mature, quite literally for decades.

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Bonjour! 🇫🇷Today is the Fête Nationale in France, the French National Day, sometimes referred to as ‘Bastille Day’ outside France.🥖
It is a day that the French celebrate with passion and fervour on July 14 every year, so we decided celebrate the French contribution to the world of wine! 🍾🥂🍷
France has many incredible wine regions, that produce a diverse range of wine styles, such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Alsace, The Loire Valley, The Rhone Valley, Southern France and of course, Champagne.
Check out our range of gorgeous French wines now - link in bio.
Vive la France! #frenchwine #frenchwines #wine #winecellar #frenchwineselection
The Rhone Valley is one of France's most spectacular wine regions. Set on the banks of the River Rhone, this incredible wine region features The Northern Rhone and The Southern Rhone.

In The Northern Rhone, the only permitted red wine grape is Syrah (Shiraz), whereas The Southern Rhone is mostly known for producing Grenache, with Shiraz and Mourvedre playing a supporting role. Syrah from the Northern Rhone is deeply coloured with high levels of tannin and ripe aromas and flavours of blackberry, blackcurrant and black pepper.  Grenache from the Southern Rhone can be full-bodied, quite ripe and show spiced red fruit flavours such as cranberry and red plum. It also blends beautifully with Syrah and Mourvedre.

Both regions also make beautiful white wines such as Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne, as well as dry Rosé.

However, the red wines from the Rhone Valley are distinctively powerful and they underpin the reputation of the Rhone Valley, around the world.

So too, are the Rhone style red wines that produced in Australia, in regions such as The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.

The Rhone Valley has been a significant source of inspiration to Australian winemakers, who are also known around the world for making powerful Shiraz, Grenache or Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre (GSM) blends.
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The Daily Drop Team are hoping that life will be back to normal for everyone soon!
In the meantime, you don’t have to spend a lot to ‘invest’ in good wine.
Check out our range of reliable reds that have been tried and tasted.
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A glass of Champagne or Sparkling wine is the perfect way to take time out from the world! Only 2 and half more days until the weekend is here 😉so pop a bottle in the fridge for that moment in the very near future,  when you just want to pour a glass and kick back. Check out our Champagne and Sparkling wine range, link in bio. #sparklingwine #champagne #enjoylife
Today is World Chenin Blanc Day! Chenin Blanc is a delicious, dry white wine that has both high acidity and a fuller flavour profile, depending on how ripe the grapes were when they were picked. Chenin Blanc grapes are also very versatile, they can be made into sparkling, sweet or still wines. 

Chenin Blanc is grown around the world but it does particularly well in Australia (Margaret River and McLaren Vale), USA (California), Argentina (Mendoza) and South Africa (Paarl, Swartland). Chenin Blanc is South Africa’s most widely grown grape. Winemakers in South Africa are making complex and concentrated Chenin Blanc wines from old bush vines,  that can be aged for decades, rivalling Chardonnay for depth and flavour.

Some of the most impressive Chenin Blanc wines come from the Loire Valley in Central France. Climate and soil make a big difference to Chenin Blanc wines and the Loire Valley has a diverse range of both. The appellation of Savennieres produces full bodied, dry Chenin Blanc wines while The Coteaux du Layon appellation makes incredibly good sweet wines that have an abundance of flavour and acidity. The regions of Vouvray and Saumur produce still and sparkling Chenin Blanc wines. The region of Anjou, also in the Loire Valley is known for dry Chenin Blanc wines that are often matured in oak.
#worldcheninblancday #winetravel #cheninblanc 
photo - Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Are you building a new wine cellar or planning to expand your current collection? If so, talk to us!

We can help you with your budget and build a collection that includes your favourite regions, styles and grape varieties.

Storage is key. It is also important to choose wine that will age well over the years and provide years of enjoyment – let us help you.
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The French and Americans call it syrah. In Australia we call it shiraz.

Like chardonnay’s red equivalency, shiraz tends to adapt well to a wide range of growing environments and produces an extremely wide variety of styles, from lean, restrained, aromatic cool climate styles through to big, luscious, mouth filling wines that leave a permanent mark on our memory with their sheer size and intensity. The style of wine shiraz makes is influenced by many factors including climate, viticultural practices and winemaking techniques, as well as more than a dash of cultural (or local) preferences.

Shiraz was one of the first grape varieties planted in Australia. First it served as a base for fortified wines and has been a cornerstone in the history of the Australian wine industry ever since.

Its fortunes have ebbed and flowed, however. In the 1980s when red wine, and shiraz in particular, was unpopular, the South Australian government was literally paying growers to grub up (or dig up) their vineyards.

Fortunately for wine lovers the world over, the quality of the wine made from low yielding, dry-grown shiraz vines recaptured the attention of the wine trade and media, and since the mid-1980s Australian shiraz has never looked back.

These old vineyards are, today, as prized as any viticultural land in the country!

Shiraz is now Australia’s most widely planted red variety, growing well across most key wine regions. This regional diversity offers a number of shiraz styles that capture both the essence of the variety and the terroir.

#shiraz #australianshiraz #shirazwine #redwine
Today is the day that wine lovers around the world raise a glass to one of the most-loved and well known grape varieties - Chardonnay!

Here are three things that the Daily Drop Tasting Panel love about Chardonnay:

Chardonnay’s spiritual homeland is Burgundy in France, although there is evidence that links it back to Lebanon in the Middle East. In France it is responsible for the wines known as Chablis and Macon as well as the Village, Premier and Grand Cru wines of the Côte d’Or.

Chardonnay is the consummate world traveler. Since the 1960s chardonnay has migrated to all wine growing countries and is produced around the globe.

Chardonnay has lots of flavour but this is balanced by a good deal of natural acidity. This balance lends itself to depth of flavour and all well-made chardonnays have plenty of dimensions to enjoy.
#chardonnay #worldchardonnayday #chardonnayday
Travel with your next glass of wine! Since Covid started over a year ago, we have been helping our treasured customers to try new wines from overseas wine regions as well as some of Australia’s amazing wine regions. That way, we all get a sense of going somewhere new or exploring another part of the world. Check out our new range of imported red wines from all over the world (link in bio). Open a bottle of Malbec and take yourself to Argentina,  or treat yourself to a bottle of Bourgogne and head to France – it is all possible!  #winetravel #havefun #wine
Did you know that cold ocean currents can have a cooling effect on coastal wine regions?
Why is this good? ‘Cooling influences’ such as ocean currents and ocean breezes help the vines to retain the acidity in their grapes, which adds to the ‘structure’ and ‘finish’ in the final wine.
Next time you are in a vineyard look for the ‘cooling influence’…
It might come from the ocean, the shade from a nearby mountain, or even a morning fog that descends on the vineyard. It isn’t always obvious, but it can make a very big difference to the quality and style of the wine produced from that vineyard.
Photo – Marlborough, New Zealand by drone. #marlboroughwine #coolclimatewine #maritimeclimate #vineyards
The Wine Industry has always been a ‘people industry’ and here are three very talented wine people…Meet the Miranda Sisters from Lou Miranda Estate in the Barossa Valley!
From left to right – Angela Miranda is the Winemaker, Victoria Miranda is the Marketing Manager and Lisa Miranda is the General Manager. They individually and collectively, have decades of experience in winemaking, wine exporting, operations and marketing between them, in Australia and overseas.
Angela makes all of their wines from their estate owned vineyards, totalling 100 acres across four sites, all within 8 kilometres from their winery, which is ideal for premium winemaking.  They are also the custodians of four centenarian old vine blocks in the Southern Barossa Valley, the oldest vine block dates back to 1897.
The Miranda winemaking story started when their Nonno, Francesco ‘Pop’ Miranda came to Australia in 1938 from Southern Italy. He arrived in Griffith, New South Wales and set about building his dream, a winery.
Angela, Victoria and Lisa’s parents, Lou and Val,  spent a lifetime building on Pop’s passion with the Miranda wine business,  while adding Lou’s unique style in the Barossa Valley and building their popular restaurant. They have now passed the Lou Miranda Estate and business onto their three daughters,  who are making fantastic wines from incredible vines! It is a great story, Link in Bio. @loumirandaestate #wine people #winefamily #barossawine #familywinemakers


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