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We are online wine merchants. We are proud to bring you wines that we believe in, that our customers enjoy and are always offered at a competitive price. Our wine range is a blend of hidden gems, old favourites, and new stars. Everything has been tasted and hand selected, to make it easy to find the right drop.

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A good wine is a wine that you enjoy every time you drink it. It is a personal thing and we listen to our customers when they tell us what they like. A good wine should also be consistent in terms of quality, taste, and value for the price, year after year. The Daily Drop wine selection captures the wines we believe in and the wines our customers truly enjoy.

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Wine Education
Wine Education – Cooling influences from the ocean

Did you know that cold ocean currents can have a cooling effect on coastal wine regions? Why is this good? ‘Cooling influences’ such as ocean currents and ocean breezes help the vines to retain the acidity in their grapes, which adds to the ‘structure’ and ‘finish’ in the final wine. Next time you are in […]

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World Malbec Day

It is World Malbec Day! Malbec is Argentina’s flagship wine and it is known for being deep in colour, rich in juicy black fruit aromas and flavours. Malbec is also loved for having smooth, soft tannins. Most of Argentina’s vineyards grow at high altitudes, more than 600 metres above sea level, close to the Andes […]

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The Barossa
Feature Wine Region – The Barossa

The Barossa Zone includes the world renown Barossa Valley wine region and the stunning Eden Valley Wine Region. The Barossa Valley region is one Australia’s leading regions for fine wine production, especially  Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. It is located one hour’s drive, north of Adelaide, in South Australia. The climate is warm and dry, […]

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wine tasting tips tannins in wine
Wine Tasting Tips – Tannins

What are ‘tannins’ in wine? Tannins come from the skins and the seeds of grapes. They can also come from oak barrels during ageing. They support the balance and age- ability of a wine and are part of what keeps a wine ‘together’ over the years. Tannins are can be astringent and make your mouth […]

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Sunlight and vineyards
Wine Education – Sunlight & Vineyards

How important is sunlight to a vineyard? Without light, plants are unable to photosynthesize and they die,  but beyond this, sunlight is one of the most important factors in growing grapes that have the right amount of glucose and fruit flavours. More sunlight = more flavour. It is also important to balance the right levels […]

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Margaret River Wine Region
Feature Wine Region – The Margaret River

The Margaret River wine region produces outstanding Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, as well as Bordeaux style red blends made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Located 200 kilometres south of Perth, along a spectacular coastline, the Margaret River has a warm maritime climate. This produces grapes with beautifully concentrated fruit aromas and flavours, while still […]

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Today is World Chardonnay Day! Who loves Chardonnay? Wine consumers love it! Chardonnay offers a range of styles, from crisp ‘Chablis' style examples, to rich and buttery versions.  Viticulturists love it! It grows well in a range of climates and soils. It achieves a good level of ripeness, is impervious to disease and apart from spring frosts, climatic threats are limited during the passage of the vineyard year through good vineyard management.  Winemakers love it too! Chardonnay is a versatile variety that thrives in a range of climates and soils. As well as achieving a good level of ripeness, it is relatively resistant to disease, and apart from spring frosts, climatic threats are limited during the passage of the year.
#worldchardonnayday  #chardonnay
Celebrate World Sauvignon Blanc Day on Friday May 6th! 
Sauvignon Blanc’s homeland is the Loire Valley in France (pictured). The wines of Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé are the most famous. It is also grown in Bordeaux, in neighbouring districts to its famous red offspring, cabernet sauvignon. Recently, New World countries have adopted the variety to great effect, especially New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, the USA (California and Washington state), and of course Australia. 
In Australia, we produce a number of sauvignon blancs from our coolest vine-producing regions. Western Australia, particularly Margaret River, Victoria, particularly the Yarra Valley, and South Australia, particularly the Adelaide Hills, are the best suited areas in Australia for Sauvignon Blanc. The grape variety requires a cooler climate to maintain its acidity, freshness and its distinctive varietal profile.  #sauvignonblancday #sauvignonblanc
Today is ‘International Drink Wine Day’! The perfect excuse to have  a glass of wine tonight. Whether you are sipping a glass of chilled Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, a beautiful salmon- pink Rosé or a silky Pinot Noir it is time to celebrate. It is also a lovely way to end the week.  #DrinkWineDay #globaldrinkwineday #drinkthatwine #winenot #wine #winedays #winetime #cheers
Celebrate World Champagne Day today! 🥂🍾 Champagne is the most prestigious sparkling wine in the world. Associated with luxury, decadence and style, Champagne is also a celebratory drink, for any occasion or even to mark the end of the week!  There is only one appellation in the famous Champagne region, Champagne AC. A French sparkling wine that is grown outside of the Champagne appellation is not Champagne.  The three main grape varieties that are used in the production of Champagne are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier. Non-vintage Champagnes must be aged for a minimum of 15 months, including 12 months on lees. Vintage wines must be aged for a minimum of 36 months.
#worldchampagneday #champagne
Looking for some fresh white wines to enjoy at the end of the day or in the great outdoors with friends? Link in bio
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Celebrate International Grenache Day today! 
Grenache is grown around the world and it is mostly known as a blending partner with other grape varieties. However,  when it is made into a varietal wine on its own, Grenache can produce a richly flavoured red wine that shows an abundance of red berries and delicious peppery spices.  Some of the finest wines from Chateauneuf du Pape, in the Southern Rhone, are made from 100% Grenache. Other great wines from this region are made from Grenache blended with Syrah and Mourvedre. These iconic wines are also full-bodied, rich and textural with a concentration of spicy red fruit aromas and flavours.  In Spain, Grenache is known as Garnacha and it is used in blends with Tempranillo,  from regions such as Priorat and Rioja.  Outside of Europe, some of the world’s highest quality Grenache wines are made in the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale,  as well as other Australian regions. Made from old bush vines, these wines are known for their impressive concentration of ripe fruit flavours and their overall approachability. Being a late ripening grape, Grenache needs to be planted in warm or hot climates. 
#internationalgrenacheday #grenache #chateauneufdupape #southernrhone #garnacha #rioja #priorat #barossavalley #mcclarenvale #australiangrenache
Celebrate International Cabernet Sauvignon Day! Cabernet Sauvignon is grown in many of the world’s wine regions, such as the Napa Valley in California, Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, Colchagua Valley in Chile and Stellenbosch in South Africa.  In France, Cabernet Sauvignon is the classic grape of the Haut Medoc,  in Bordeaux,  and it makes some of the world’s most highly prized and age-worthy wines. The red wines of Bordeaux are mostly a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. They are incredible wines, known throughout history as being the pinnacle of red wine making.  In Australia, there are pockets of excellent Cabernet Sauvignon growing in regions such as the Eden Valley or the Adelaide Hills. However, Cabernet Sauvignon really excels in the Yarra Valley, the Margaret River and the Coonawarra.  Interestingly, there tends to be a maritime influence in the top Cabernet Sauvignon wine regions. Viticulturalists say that this keeps the vineyards cool enough to retain the acidity in the grapes,  while also allowing enough sunshine to develop good fruit flavours and to ripen the grapes. The Coonawarra also has the famous strip of red, ‘terra rossa’ soil, which is ideal for producing intensely flavoured and well structured wines.  Australian Cabernet Sauvignon usually shows aromas and flavours such as blackcurrant, black cherry, dark chocolate, mint, black olive, eucalyptus or cassis, in any combination. The wine usually has firm tannins and a good acidity, ideal for helping Cabernet Sauvignon to age well.  Overall, Australian Cabernet Sauvignon has a total abundance of flavour and it goes extremely well with prime cuts of beef.
#internationalcabernetsauvignonday #cabernetsauvignon🍷 #cabernet
The outdoor dining season is nearly here...Spring has almost sprung and as the warmer weather approaches, it is time to stock up on Rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and the other fantastic white wine varieties. Link in bio. #outdoorwine #rosé  #lockdownlife #springwine
Today is National Pinot Noir Day!  Pinot Noir is one of the world's most loved, light bodied red wines.  Pinot Noir can be made into a variety wine styles, from light and fruity styles featuring cherry and strawberry notes to more complex, gamey and earthy styles. Pinot Noir is usually higher in acid and lower in tannin, making it an ideal pairing for lighter, fattier foods duck, cheese and lamb.  Often, the region defines the style. Along with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir is the main grape variety in Burgundy, where the cooler climate produces highly prized wines, loved throughout history of drinking wine! Germany is also known for high quality Pinot Noir,  produced in the cooler regions of Pfalz and Baden. As well as France and Germany, the 'new world' wine countries such as the USA, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand also produce high quality Pinot Noir. The list of top Pinot Noir regions in the world includes; Sonoma County, Carneros, Santa Barbara County and Oregon (USA), Casablanca (Chile), Walker Bay (South Africa), Marlborough and Central Otago (New Zealand).  Australia also has pockets of high quality Pinot Noir in multiple regions but some of the best Pinot Noir wines are made in the Yarra Valley, Tasmania, The Mornington Peninsula and the Adelaide Hills. Check out our Pinot Noir range, link in bio.  #nationalpinotnoirday #pinotnoir #pinot #pinotlover
Celebrate National White Wine Day Today! 
Whether you like a creamy Chardonnay to go with your roast chicken or a glass of Riesling to enjoy with your lemony pasta and prawns,  white wine always adds a touch of elegance to any meal. It also refreshes the palette and enlivens the senses! 🍑🍋🍣🍤🥗🍗🍱🥟  Our white wine selection has been carefully selected over the years to bring you the best of each of the varietals. Check out our range, link in bio. #nationalwhitewineday #whitewine #chardonnay #pinotgrigio #pinotgris #riesling #semillon #sauvignonblanc #cheninblanc #grunerveltliner #pinotblanc #assyrtiko #whitewinelover
It is National Shiraz day today! There has never been a better time to enjoy a glass of full-bodied Australian Shiraz at home on a cold night. Check out our range – link in bio.
Australian Styles of Shiraz  1) Everyday shiraz  These juicy wines are fresh, generous, rich and spicy. These wines are designed for early drinking and have a noticeable vibrancy of fruit, freshness and vivacity. The use of blending older vine components and the judicious use of oak however gives them a rich and powerful core, that can take the unsuspecting drinker by surprise.  2) Cooler-climate shiraz  Elegant, spicy and vibrant expressions of their origins - proof that shiraz can adapt growing almost anywhere. Tasting cool-climate shiraz wines, you will notice a lighter palate weight, more structured tannins, higher natural acidity and distinctive spicy, peppery tones. These characters complement their ripe berry, plum and anise aromas and flavours. Cooler-climate shiraz wines show great elegance and silkiness. Grape yields in cooler climates have to be lower, and as a result, overall production costs are higher than those associated with everyday wines. But if you want something out of the ordinary and distinctively individual, cool climate shiraz wines are hard to beat!  3) Warmer-climate shiraz  The powerhouses of the Australian wine industry - they present rich, full and ripe wines with a depth and complexity to match. Tasting warm climate shiraz - you will notice a much heavier palate, densely packed with complex primary and developed fruit characters. American oak adds to the soft nature of these wines. Tannic in their youth, they develop a round, silky supple texture and wonderous camphor, earth and chocolate nuances with age. And age they will, the fruit is so powerful and intense, these wines will mature, quite literally for decades.  #nationalshirazday #shiraz #australianshiraz #shirazlover #shirazwine
Bonjour! 🇫🇷Today is the Fête Nationale in France, the French National Day, sometimes referred to as ‘Bastille Day’ outside France.🥖 
It is a day that the French celebrate with passion and fervour on July 14 every year, so we decided celebrate the French contribution to the world of wine! 🍾🥂🍷 
France has many incredible wine regions, that produce a diverse range of wine styles, such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Alsace, The Loire Valley, The Rhone Valley, Southern France and of course, Champagne. 
Check out our range of gorgeous French wines now - link in bio. 
Vive la France! #frenchwine #frenchwines #wine #winecellar #frenchwineselection


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