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Known for producing outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon, the Coonawarra region is located approximately 400 kilometres south-east of Adelaide, in South Australia. The region covers a narrow strip of land that is 1.5 kilometres wide and 15 kilometres long. This narrow strip of land has a unique soil type, called ‘terra rossa’ (Italian for red soil). Terra Rossa, is a red clay based soil, that results (very rarely) when limestone ‘weathers’ over thousands of years and becomes coloured with iron oxide.  Terra Rossa is also a free draining soil that improves the concentration of flavours in the grapes. This top layer of terra rossa soil sits on a bed of limestone. Limestone, has a high water holding capacity, should water be required during various stages of a vine’s growth cycle. Between these two soil types and the cool maritime climate in the region, the Coonawarra is able to produce wines of great concentration and elegance. The long, slow ripening period enables the build up of richly flavoured grapes that produce deeply coloured/flavoured wines with good elegance and a strong acid structure, for longevity. While their Cabernet Sauvignon is highly prized, the region also produces Shiraz, Merlot and Chardonnay.


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